Welcome to The Maine Way of Life!

Thank you for stopping by! This blog combines my love of writing and my love for the state of Maine. I have lived in Maine my entire life, moving around to various parts of the state over the years. I settled in the Portland area 15 years ago after college graduation. I was raised in a small town, and from a young age appreciated The Maine Way of Life. I remember waking up on the weekend and heading outside after breakfast with my dad and brother to work in the garden, helping my dad split wood, and cross country skiing on the trails surrounding our home. Being outside makes me feel alive. I love finding new places to explore in Maine, and also reliving my favorites, and sharing the experience with our family, and now you!

Our way of life in Maine is unique, there are so many places to visit that embody the spirit of Maine. If you are planning a trip to Maine, and want to learn about the places to visit that will ensure you experience The Maine Way of Life you are in the right spot! For Mainers who want to change up their routine and explore our state, this is for you too! Some of the things I will be concentrating on to start are outdoor activities and destinations.

I will also tell you stories highlighting the simple pleasures that make Maine special. Like snow days, and small towns.

So, grab a cup of coffee, or your beverage of choice and come explore The Maine Way of Life!

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