Spring Has Sprung in Maine!

 I was taking a walk the other day around the neighborhood. It was one of those early spring days in Maine, that is warmer than one would expect it to be, with my jacket around my waist and the sun lightly warming up my soul. I happened to look over  and saw this little stream that must go under the road, and into the woods. It’s funny because I walk this loop all the time and never noticed it. There was this little duck just chilling out,  looking about as happy as I felt, welcoming the spring sunshine. 

April in Maine is a time of such hope, the chance each year to start fresh. We rake up all the debris from the winter off our lawns, exposing what will turn into beautiful, lush, green grass once again. Each year there are random Crocus flowers that sprout up in my yard. Once I see the white and purple heads poking up from the ground, I know we are getting close to warmer weather. 

This stream that I noticed for the first time the other day, reminded me of my April vacations off from school as a child. The days were just starting to warm up, most of them would still be gray, but there was always a hint of spring.  We could usually get by with just wearing a light jacket while on our outdoor adventures. The neighborhood kids and I would hop on our bikes and head down the road  where there was a stream. One lucky kid would get the coveted seat atop the culvert. We would look for tadpoles, try a little fishing, skip some rocks, or just be. 

That’s one of the great things about living in Maine, as Mainers we appreciate the little things that each season offers, even as young kids. 

Seeing the signs of spring each year, especially this year offers such hope, hope for a more carefree time.  Once it’s spring, I get eager for the first time I can go outside without a jacket, smelling the wafting BBQ scents as I go on my evening walk, setting up the kiddo’s swimming pool, the sounds of lawn mowers in the neighborhood, and the smell of fresh cut grass. I look forward to having to drive with the air conditioning on, or better yet, riding with the windows down, or having it be so hot, my husband and I both agree, no cooking inside, let’s get takeout! 

You see, even as a kid we relish in these simple pleasures, and as time goes on and we become adults, and are in different stages of our lives, the simple pleasures of Maine still remain an integral part of our happiness. 

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