I’m Back!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I have written anything here. Although I have thought about my very new blog from time to time, I took some time off from writing. I had been writing for some franchise publications around the US, the year before I started this blog. I found that nothing really made me feel the way I felt when I was done writing an article. The sense of accomplishment, and pride in my work was addicting. However, over time the redundancy of writing about the same topics, left me torn. I was a bit burnt out with the deadlines, crunch time and also the overwhelming realization that making a living out of writing from home was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Not the writing part, that came easy, but just getting enough projects to make a decent income. Not to mention I really started missing (yes that’s right!) having colleagues in person. It had been a few years since I had worked in an office in person. Over this past year, (I am sure accelerated by the pandemic), I began to miss the daily social interactions that you encounter working out of the home. These interactions may seem so small, but really can become an integral part of your day. The lighthearted banter with a colleague. The strong bond you can build with a team. Heck, even the colleague that makes you silently roll your eyes when they grace you with their presence! I decided to look for work that would be based out of the home. I wanted something that I could use the skills I have flexed in past positions, and something that made me feel good about what I was doing. This summer, I was hired to be an Ed Tech in an elementary school. I was (and am still) so excited about it! Part of my job is working with kiddo’s that need some extra help with reading and writing. Each day is different, challenging, (exhausting!), but I leave every single day knowing I gave it my all, and I am making a difference, or at least hope I am! I have also taken the last few months working on some things that I need to work on as an individual, as a wife, and as a mother. I needed time and space. This has been a big portion of my journey the last year. While I am still a work in progress (are we ever not?!), I did learn that the act of writing still makes me feel a certain positive way, and is a key piece of what my soul needs for an outlet. I am ready to start writing again, but this time for a hobby. I’m not sure exactly where this is going to go, but I do know I will be writing about anything that sparks me at that moment.. but still with a huge focus on Maine. I hope to be back soon with my latest and I wish you all a very healthy, happy new year!

Walking around my family home this Christmas Eve.

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